Donation to dog shelter Modrany

Donation to Dog Shelter MODRANY

On July 24th 2012 we made our next donation to animal shelter Modrany. (You can check their websites here

We met another amazing women Mrs. Kladivova, which loves animal like we do. When we had a conversation with her she told us, that her dream was always to have a dog shelter. After she finished her work and come to retirement finally her dream come truth.
We were so surprised how she can manage and take care all of the sick, old and abandoned dogs despite of her age. She has got 20 dogs in her shelter and is really glad when pople are just coming to cuddle her dogs and visit her. We met there beautiful 16 years old big boy, he has problem with walking and barely could move his legs, it was really sad, but he was still so energetic and happy to play with us like he was still a little puppy.
Mrs. Kladivova give her doggies all her love and care, that's why they stay in good shape physically also mentally. 

This women really need help with her shelter so we decided to help her and we were really happy to bring them little love from us. 

We bought a lot of stuff like - 35 Canned dog food, 40 bags of pasta (request of Mrs. Kladivová), dog treats and dry food. 

We would like to thank to Anetka's mom and Lukas for a big help with the realization of our next project.
And also thank everybody who sent us any donation so we could make this happen.