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Our mission is to help as many animals in animal shelters as possible

We are non profit organization based in Czech Republic helping animals where ever it is necessary. Our company registration number (alias IČO) is 22610481 and the organization was established 1st June 2012 in Czech Republic.

How exactly we help? We help animals by buying the food, vitamins, beds, blankets,...what the shelters need. We always contact a deserving shelter and ask them what they need and then we buy it by ourselves and bring them the items they need most. 
We don't send money to shelters. We want to bring them the food ourselves so we see quality of the shelter and how well they care about those animals.
You can help us by sending any donation to our bank account or thru paypal on the right side of the page, or just buying some of our artworks. Our bank account we will send for your request here.

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