Donation to Social Tees from Murr of Iceland


Donation to Social Tees from MURR of Iceland

July 20th 2014 we got donation from MURR of Iceland food company for our organization. Thanks MURR very much!
We wanted to thank to I Jian Lin from Murr foods company for their generous donation to our organization. We got five big boxes of cat and dog food.
This company was established in 2008 in a small fishing village Sudavik in Iceland and they produce cat and dog food from Icelandic meat and organ meat with using only ingredients passing strict veterinary inspection. They can trace each and every package back to the origin of raw material and suppliers. You can look at their websites and read more about their company and food for pets. For to list the order and for additional information their Web:

26th October 2014 - Social Tees Animal Rescue - NYC

Last sunday 26th October 2014 we dropped off the food we got from MURR company. Here are some pictures from there. We wanted to thanks again to Murr for their generous donation for our organization and we are sure dogs and cats loved it in Social Tees. Also thanks Merrill for your help.
Here are some pictures from there below in the gallery.