Leo Tolstoy – read more

Leo is pot bellied pig, who was living in the apartment in Queens. But after a while neighbors started to complain when Leo was squealing so he had to move out.

So Ellen and Bill welcomed him to their sanctuary where he could start to live life of real pig. Digging the dirt and grass and getting belly rubs. 🙂 He was lucky to escape the short and brutal life of a pig on factory farms and got to the most beautiful place he could ever be.

We donated twice already to Ellen and Bill Crain for their Safe Haven Farm Sanctuary, where Leo found a forever home. They are amazing people and we will donate to them again very soon. You can check our donations HERE. And the exact donation to Safe have Farm Sanctuary are HERE - FIRST DONATION and than HERE is SECOND DONATION.

You can read more about him on their websites HERE.


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