Donation to Shiva

Our next donation we just made today is a bit different. We usually buy the food and anything the shelter needs, but we make sometimes exception and help directly to some animal. So we decided to help to a beautiful kitten that was a stray cat and needed a prolapse surgery. He was saved by two amazing people Fran and Charo Evangelista from Pennsylvania. Fran feeds a colony of cats in Chester, PA. They are waiting him every single day when he goes from his work.

On thursday August 9th, a kitten, they called Shiva came to him as he was feeding the other cats... He noticed Shiva has a prolapse that is two inches long protruding his rectum. He was able to pick him up, as he was really calm and friendly and brought him to their vet Rose DiLeva from Animal Wellness Center ( in Chadds Ford, Pa.

We sent 250$ for his surgery thru Go Fund Me page and here is the page where anybody can help too.