Donation to Animal Haven in NYC

Donation to Animal Haven

On May 17th 2011 we made our third donation to an animal shelter.
This time we sponsored the shelter Animal Haven in New York City. 
The food we brought to the shelter was from the pet shop Le Pet Spa. You can see their website here: Le Pet Spa.
The owner was very nice to us and he gave us a better price because of our mission to help animals in need. We want to thank him for it. 
When we arrived at the Animal Haven shelter it was quite crowded there. On the street outside they have a table where they show a few really cute puppies that were waiting for adoption. The puppies attracted a lot of attention on the street and we think that it was good way to be closer to people who could provide a new loving home for those poor animals.
We dropped the food off in the shelter and took a few pictures in front of the table with the food. The people working at Animal Haven were very nice and they were happy to take pictures with us.
We are very pleased that we made our next donation successfully and thank you to everybody who helped us with this project, especially to those of you who have donated to Because of your donation we can do good things for pets in need. 
We look forward to hearing from our members and supporters and would appreciate any suggestions that would help make our organization a better one. Our goal is to help as many animals that are in need as possible and put a smile on their faces.