Donation to animal shelter Azyl Lucky


Our first project - 'Azyl Lucky'

Our first donation was for the shelter 'Azyl Lucky' in the north-west of the Czech Republic run by Ms Zarubova. Here are her website.

Here is some information and a few pictures from that beautiful day.
Our first project made us very happy and excited about those that will follow.
18th August 2010, on a beautiful summer day, we went to make our first donation in the Czech Republic. It was really a beautiful day. In the morning we went to pick up the food at the Sirius pet-food warehouse. We got a very good price from the owner, so we want to thank him for this very nice gesture. On the link below you can find everything about this pet shop, and we are looking forward to many more projects with them.  
They make also many interesting attraction, like for example The Best yellow Dog and much more. U can place any order thru their e-shop.
Pet Food Warehouse "Sirius" -

We bought 200kgs (440 pounds) of dry food, and also got some gifts for the shelter, like blankets and an appropriate box to store the food.
This shelter is amazing. The owner created it in her own backyard, using a small building next to her own house. There is a big beautiful garden with tons of quiet corners and comfortable places for the animals. The cats love it, and you would never imagine that there are about 50 cats and a few dogs living there.
We were amazed by the level of care that the owner is able to provide to these poor cats. They had to take away the sign with the name of the shelter, because people would just come and throw their poor cats or dogs over the fence without even saying a word. They even didn't try to find a new home for those poor animals, which is really sad.

We are really happy we could donate to this amazing shelter, and we are looking forward to donate them again very soon.

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