Donation to Safe Haven Farm Sanctuary IV

1st December 2018 we made another donation to our favorite sanctuary in Poughquag, New York.

Safe Haven Farm Sanctuary..

This beautiful place has become a forever home for many animals, that were abused or neglected. In 2006 Bill and Ellen Crain bought run-down farm and it took them two years before they could welcome their first animals in there. They run out of space very soon and had to build another barn and few more structures. They have over 100 animals now and they are doing wonderful job with all of them as you can see it on the pictures. They also fenced off part of the woods for goats and other animals so they trully has a sanctuary there.

We brought them as usually cleaning supplies, vinegar, laundry detergents, frozen food and canned pumpkin that Harry, the pig, loves very much. You can see it on the pictures below. 🙂 They have new baby goat that is very cute and we had to take many pictures of her. And of course some pictures of our favorite Violet, the goat.

People can help them by volunteering, sponsoring an animal, donating,.. Here is their websites for more info