Donation to Shelter in Lhota pod Libcany III

Donation to Shelter in Lhota pod Libcany III -

Our Favorite Dog Shelter

On March 30th 2013 we went to make our next donation and we picked a new shelter to donate to. But it was not a good choice so we had to pick another one. So we decided to help to the animal shelter in Lhota pod Libcany again, it is our favorite dog shelter because the owner amazing woman Aja Charouzova take the best care of those poor animals.

This time it wasn't so smooth like normally because we picked the wrong shelter to donate to. This animal shelter called Psi Domov in Rychnov nad Kneznou in Czech Republic is not very good shelter. The owner of this shelter Ms Jana Lemfeldova is not a nice person, nicely said. We were really disappointed after we visited her shelter. We even got emails from her after posting the info on our websites, pretending she is somebody else who really knows the owner..
A day before we went to donate  for her shelter we found on czech news website that this shelter is problematic for about ten years already. We were really surprised about it and were thinking if we want to support such shelter. We decided to go there even we read bad things about it. We wanted to see if it is truth. Hopefully one day the government will decide stop helping this shelter, because the owner really don't take a good care of the animals.
We read online that this woman don't want to let people go to look at the animals. Just one day per week, other time people need to make an appointment with her and is really very rude to everybody. She probably is very busy with all the animals but we still don't understand why she must be so rude.
We were ready if she will not want to let us see and make photos of the animals that we will leave there and not donate to her. She was of course exactly the way how she was described at those czech news website. She was ok to go and see the animals but she didn't want us to make any photos for our websites. She said we can use the photos that she has on her websites. But we said we can't do that. Our organization works this way so we need to see and make photos by ourselves. That is how our organization work and we will not make any exceptions on it. We sponsor the shelters, if we can go to see the animals and make few photos of them as we want to see the condition in which animals live there. We wanted to be sure she will understand that, so we called her four days before it and asked her if it is possible that we will make few photos. She said no problem for it. But when we arrived of course it was a problem.
Here on this link is written about this woman. For you who understand czech language or can use a translator to translate it here is the link to czech news website about this shelter and behaviour of this woman - HERE. We were really disappointed by her. We were thinking, do we still want to support this shelter if she behave like that? She promised to let us to make few photos, it was no problem and finally she is too busy for it. We told her we don't need her to make few photos but still it was a problem. We guess why it is such a problem. Maybe she don't take such a good care of those poor animals how she try to make it look like on her sites. Hopefully her shelter will be closed one day.
As we decided not sponsor this shelter we went to donate our favorite shelter that wasn't so far from this shelter.

And it was to help Ms Charouzova that is really amazing woman and she always is the nicest person ever and took the best care of her animals with pure love. We called her when we were still in Psi Domov Shelter and told her we will be there in about 45 min. Her shelter is in Lhota pod Libcany. When we arrived she surprised us as usually with just made cake and tea and was very happy to see us again. She was just happy that we arrive there and that somebody can play with all those doggies. They love attention and when somebody pet them they are so so happy.

You can see the photos from there below.