Donation to Shelter in Lhota pod Libcany IV



Donation to shelter in Lhota pod Libcany IV

5th April 2015 - Shelter in Lhota pod Libcany, Czech Republic
Last sunday we went to donate to our favorite shelter again. Aja Charouzova is the owner of this very family kind of shelter. She owns more than 50 dogs and few cats and she really take the best care of them. They are really lucky that they have her. Few dogs lately just arrived to her shelter at one point and will probably never leave. She don't have a typical shelter, as she don't often give her animals to people, because she loves them too much. We got the most of the stuff we ever got for the dogs. We spend around 650$ but got double amount of what we got another times. We bought dry and wet dog food, raw hide sticks, some 100% meat can food, some food for puppies, light food for sensitive stomachs,etc.. We also got laundry detergents for washing the dog beds.

Thanks Sirius for better prices again and thanks to all who donated to our organization so we can make these projects happen.
Aja Charouzova is such a good person, you can see it on how happy all those animals are. She don't have the typical cages for them, only for very few, those for example who can't be with other animals. She got the pavement for the place in front of the house as a donation from somebody and it looks so nice there now. We want to buy a drier for her, as she said that would help her a lot with the hair that goes from all the dogs. So we are planning to buy it soon. Even if she said it's too expensive. 🙂

Thanks everybody for your donations! If you would like to help us making another project you can donate to us above this is the donation button for paypal, but you don't need to have paypal account, it is possible to send us donation just with the credit card.