Donation to shelter Azyl Lucky II

Donation to a shelter 'Azyl Lucky' II

On friday 15th July we made our next donation to animal shelter. As we already informed you in our news we decided to sponsor the shelter of Ms Zarubova 'Azyl Lucky' for the second time, because she really need help and took amazing care of those poor animals.
We are very grateful that we have met Ms Zarubova a year ago. Shes got huge heart full of love especialy for unwanted cats and dogs who went through a lot. She has around 60 cats and like 10 dogs. That's why we picked again this particular shelter, we know Ms Zarubova need our help and she is been doing wonderful noble job.
We brought them a lot of food again. This shelter is really more like a home shelter. The animals doesn't have cages and have beautiful garden and after difficult life they had before they must feel as in a paradise there.
Few of her dogs were tortured by their owners and came here in very bad conditions. It was heart breaking to see so many sick, tortured and sad animals. But because of the amazing care of Ms Zarubova they started to have nice life and hopefully they all will find a loving home one day.
We were really happy that people like Ms Zarubova exists and that we can help her. We wish there are more great souls like her.
Now we would like to say thank you to our donors and sponsors, without your help this wouldn't be possible, and we wouldn't be able to help again these poor animals. We really appreciate your help, thank you.