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New Project Coming Soon

We are preparing new project that we want to make 14th Decemeber 2014. We will go shopping food and maybe some toys or beds for dogs and cats next days. We will donate food and anything what the shelter will need in an amount of 500$ to a shelter in NY. More info soon.

Social Tees Donation

Dropping of food from MURR to Social Tees Shelter

26th October 2014 - Social Tees Animal Rescue - NYC

Last sunday 26th October 2014 we dropped off the food we got from MURR company. Here are some pictures from there. We wanted to thanks again to Murr for their generous donation for animals and we are sure dogs and cats will love it in Social Tees. Also thanks Merrill for your help.

Here are some pictures from there.




MURR of Iceland

Thanks MURR!!!

July 20th 2014 we got donation from MURR of Iceland food company for our organization.

We wanted to thank to I Jian Lin from Murr foods company for their generous donation to our organization. We got five big boxes of cat and dog food. We will divide them to few parts and bring them to few shelters in NYC area. The pictures and info will be all on our websites from those donations.

This company was established in 2008 in a small fishing village Sudavik in Iceland and they produce cat and dog food from Icelandic meat and organ meat with using only ingredients passing strict veterinary inspection. They can trace each and every package back to the origin of raw material and suppliers. You can look at their websites and read more about their company and food for pets. For to list the order and for additional information:
Order: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.




Our latest donation - Social Tees in NY

Last donation - Social Tees Animal Rescue

4th June 2014 - New York City

We drop off all the stuff we bought for Social Tees Animal Rescue in NYC and you can read about this donation here: Social Tees Project

 Our donation what we bought for the shelter



Everything has arrived

Amazon sent us everything what we ordered for the next project and now only to drop it at the shelter "Social Tees Animal Rescue".

Next week you can check back to see the photos from there.

Thanks to all for your donations. Below is everything what we bought for this donation.


April Donation late

The newest donation we wanted to do in April is little late, because of late food delivery to us. 

The shelter we decided to sponsor this time is a no-kill shelter 'Social Tees Animal Rescue' in NY. We have ordered cats and dogs food,  few toys and some cleaning stuff for them. We are still waiting for all to be delivered to us, so we can take it and bring it there. We hopefully get all by the next week.

New Project for April 2014

Our next project we plan to make in New York City in second half of April 2014. For more info check our website soon.

Shelter in Jimlin

 Newest project we did was donation to dog shelter "Utulek pro opustena zvirata" in Jimlín - about 40 miles to north-west from Prague Czech Republic. We went there on March 9th 2014 and there are some pictures from there below.

This shelter was very good shelter, where all the puppies were taken very good care of. We were lucky to meet the family of volunteers who came to take for a walk few dogs. We love seeing these great people who take their time and go to volunteer to shelters.

We brought few big bags of dog dry food, 60 cans of wet food, cat litters, and a big cat tree toy to climb and hafe fun with. We are really happy that we could visit and donate this shelter.


Donations we brought for the puppies.











Volunteer with a puppy




Oscar after operation pic

Here is a picture of Oscar after his surgery.

He didn't love the cone but he is already without it and is very happy puppy now. :)



New Project For March 2014

New project we will do is scheduled for 9th March 2014.

Check our website soon to find all the info about it.

Donations for Oscar UPDATE

Please stop sending us the donations for Oscar. We got 125$ and that was all we needed for him. Thanks to all who send the donations for him.

All the donations you will send from now on will go for our regular projects we normaly do. For more info about our projects read here.

Thanks to everybody for any help.

Donations for Oscar

Our special project - looking for donations for Oscar

Normaly our non profit organization works that we take the money we get from selling the paintings, or directly from your donations and we go buy the dog's and cat's food to a local pet shop or some warehouse. Than we take the food (or medical supplies, or anything what they need) and bring it to the shelter by ourself so we can see the shelter and we just not resend the money somewhere. It happpened to us that we had to cancel the donation because we were not happy how was the shelter run.

This time we decided to help one dog and try to find donations for him. In future we will do more donations that will go straigtly to some exact cat or dog.

This is Oscar. Oscar is beautiful 11 months old pointer who needs to be neutered soon. German short haired Pointer. His surgery is more expensive because he has an umbilical hernia that has to be repaired at the same time. Unfortunately we found out it's a more complicated procedure. Plus he is over 50 lbs now. Who want to donate for him can do it on the left side of the website. Please put there a note "Donation for Oscar" or something like that so we know it is money for him (not for our regular projects we do).




Discounted prices of the paintings

We are preparing the discounted prices of the paintings. They will be available on our websites soon.




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