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Happy New Year 2016

We wishing you all a Happy New year 2016!

Also we would like to thanks to everybody for your generous donations and for the interest in our very first calendar. We appreciate and soon we will post pictures from our next donation.



Calendar is in our E-shop

We are happy to announce the launch of our very first calendar 2016.

The calendar is in our E-shop and you can see more info here.

 Here is the back cover with all twelve pictures in it:



Calendar 2016

We almost have our first calendar ready to be sell on our websites. Here is the cover. The proceeds going to Smiles For Pets for helping pets in shelters. Thanks for helping us helping them! :)

We will add it to our e-shop soon.



Calendar Smiles For Pets 2016

We are preparing our very first calendar "Smiles For Pets" of pets for year 2016. It will be available on our websites very soon.

New Project in Preparation

We are preparing new donation, that we are gonna make in next days. We will post more info about it soon.

Technical Issues

We would like to apology for having technical issues lately. We are preparing new project for another shelter and we will post pictures from there here soon.

Donation to Aja Charousova

Last Sunday we went to make another donation. We decided to donate to Aja Charousova in Lhota Pod Libcany in the Czech Republic again. Finally we are bringing you some information from that project and also few pictures from there. We are very happy that we can help little bit and we hope we will help much much more.

HERE is the link for the latest project we did.


New Project Coming Soon

We are preparing a new project that we will make this sunday 5th April 2015.

We probably got the biggest amount of food we ever donated to a shelter. We will donate to shelter where we have been already, as this shelter is really one of the best shelters we ever donated to. 

Thanks to Sirius pets warehouse for better prices they gave us again.

Pics from today coming soon.

Last Donation of 2014

Happy New Year!

31st December 2014 - Liberty Humane Society, 235 Jersey City Blvd, Jersey City, NJ 07305

We did our last donation of 2014. We donated to Liberty Humane Society shelter in New Jersey. One of the best shelter we ever donated to. We were very happy to end the year in this amazing shelter.

More info and pics here.


Happy New Year and thanks everybody for your generous donations.


Christmas Donation Sean Casey

Sean Casey Animal Rescue, 153 East 3rd Street, Brooklyn, NY

22nd December, 2014

Two days ago we did our next donation. We planned that for the 14th December but we had to postpone it, beause of late delivery. So this monday we stoped in Brooklyn in Sean Casey's Animal Rescue.

Pictures from preparation of this donation you can find here.



Pictures from the actual dropping off the food on 22nd December 2014 are here.


New Project Coming Soon

We are preparing new project that we want to make 14th Decemeber 2014. We will go shopping food and maybe some toys or beds for dogs and cats next days. We will donate food and anything what the shelter will need in an amount of 500$ to a shelter in NY. More info soon.

Social Tees Donation

Dropping of food from MURR to Social Tees Shelter

26th October 2014 - Social Tees Animal Rescue - NYC

Last sunday 26th October we dropped off the food we got from MURR company.

More info and pics here.




MURR of Iceland

Thanks MURR!!!

July 20th 2014 we got donation from MURR of Iceland food company for our organization. We wanted to thank to I Jian Lin from Murr foods company for their generous donation to our organization. More here.





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